yoni und lingam

Learn tantra massage 

​You will

  • Learn and practice massage applications 

  • Integrate breath and voice into massage practice 

  • Learn to communicate desires and needs 


Introduction to the world of an affectionate caress  

Tantra massage is an energizing and sensual full body massage. The recipient can feel the experience of letting go and being indulged in a very sensual way. The body will be caressed, massaged and stroked with devotion in an interchangeable way between tension and pleasure towards unimaginable peak of emotions.

In tantra massage the body stands as an outer form and instrument of the personality. Sexuality is considered as a primary source of joy of life and satisfaction.

Awareness and consideration for oneself and others as well as openness and devotion are the important qualities of tantra massage. 



4h - 650 CHF 

  plus female/ male model price 250 CHF