Vagina Massage

The journey to the centre of joy of life 

​You will 

  • Enjoy yoni massage 

  • Awaken the skin as a sensual organ 

  • Celebrate the joy and happiness of life 

Experience the ecstatic serenity 

G-spot and yoni massage – a sensual discovery 

Only a few are familiar with the G-spot. It is  a pity, because it can be a source of a deeply felt pleasure and new energy. 

Have you ever  asked yourself what a G-spot is? Does it really exist? Let us find it out together!

G-spot and vagina massage can be a great and extraordinary experience. 

The journey to the centre of joy of life, the new possibilities and perspectives open with feelings of indulgence, release, melting away and letting go. ​


1.5h - 320 CHF

2h - 380 CHF

3h - 480 CHF