Tantra school

Courses, workshops and private sessions 

If you don`t feel at ease to try massage by yourself, you can invite yourself to try it with your partner  and discover  new perspectives together.

The experience of a massage-workshop can help to deepen the relationship, bring harmony to oneself and give inspiration for future partnership. 

Sexological Bodywork®

Learn sexual skills 

You will

  • Learn to be better aware of our own body 

  • Explore erogenous zones 

  • talk about sexuality


Explore your sexuality


Japanese Bondage Workshop

Binding is a high art 

You will

  • Learn basic shibari 

  • Combine bondage and tantra massage 

  • Learn secure point during bonding 


Enrich yourself 


You will

  • Discover erogenous zones of a woman 

  • Learn the techniques of Vulva and Vagina massage 

  • Look at and touch the G-Zone


Learn the skills of magical sensuality

Indulge a woman according to her desire 

Learn Yoni Massage

Private Session

Book your massage session or a course 

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