Sexological Bodywork®

Learn sexual skills 

You will

  • Learn to be better aware of our own body 

  • Explore erogenous zones 

  • talk about sexuality


Explore your sexuality

The sexological bodywork was developed in California by Josef Kramer.

It assists people to explore and discover their sexuality. The aim of sexological body specialists is to discover at what point in life the person is and what she/he would like to discover about his/her sexual skills.

This work is about  learning and practicing how to explore your own body and to allow it toenjoy new experiences.


The session consists of a talk, massage and breathing techniques.


Further information can be found under Sexological Bodywork.


3h - 450 CHF

3 Sessions a 3h - 1200 CHF

5 Sessions a 3h - 1800 CHF