Body to Body Massage

Pulsating currents of sensual experience

You will 

  • feel a lot of closeness and body contact

  • Get to know new dimensions of touch

  • to be allowed to let go completely


Immerse yourself in a whole new world of experience

This type of massage involves the whole body and integrates a number of different techniques.

Round, flowing movements, known from the Hawaiian massage, are transformed into playful elements, as known from the Tantra massage. They are complemented by erotic body-to-body touches, in which the bodies act cuddly together.

Natural touches of the genital area, which unfold an erotic effect, belong to the scope of the massage. Warm, fragrant oil increases the intensity of the sensations, the feeling of being wholeheartedly pampered. 

Surrender into the flow of your inherent passion and the sensual and arousing perceptions of your body to the point of absolute liberation and oneness with the self.


1.5h - 380CHF 

2h  - 420 CHF

3h  - 550 CHF